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Middle School Student Conferences

Middle School Student Conferences

With Semester 1 of our school year finished, we have our Middle School student conferences coming up (February 10th – 21st).  This is a good time in the year for our students to take a moment to think, reflect on their learning from the past semester, and set some goals for the new semester.

Different from traditional “parent teacher” conferences, our conferences are an opportunity for our Middle School students to lead the conversation about their learning experiences this year.  The conferences are guided and facilitated by their Advisor;  parents will hear insights and observations on how the school year is going (both from an academic and a social viewpoint), talk through their goals for Semester 2, and a chance to show samples of work that they are proud of.  Feedback collected from their teachers is also shared.

During our 4A EXCSEL period over the next two weeks, our Middle School Advisors are working with our middle school students to help prepare them for the conference. We’re excited for our middle school students to take the lead in these meetings and for them to share with you their perspectives on their year to date.

An email with a sign-up genius form was sent to all parents; if you haven’t already signed up, please do so, or contact Katie Sharpe, ksharpe@sdja.com to do so.  

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