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Jewish Life in the MUS

Jewish Life in the MUS

Yvonne Weber, Director of Jewish Life; Liz Nebo, Studio Arts Teacher

In the high school Artistic Minyan, we have been focusing on the theme of community and the various ways we interact with our communities. Studying various Jewish texts on community is the entry way into our own artistic expressions of this value. Going beyond Hillel’s idea of being not only for ourselves, but also for others, we read, discuss, and parse out nuances from a wide-range of texts.

Ms. Nebo and Mrs. Webber are both part of a program through the Teacher Institute for the Arts. We started the year by exploring a set of Jewish values along with art and poetry created by David Moss, director and founder of Kol Ha’Ot. Kol Ha’Ot focuses on the art of Jewish learning, imparting Jewish values, texts and history through a creative synthesis of the visual and performing arts. Studying and exploring the same set of values provided grounding and common connection points for our Artistic Minyan participants. Using methodology learned from David Moss, we have created works of art in the following genres: poetry, collage, paper cutting, one-line drawing, micrography, and mandalas.

Isabelle Flores (12) created this representation of the value of tikkun, repair, as part of our studying a set of values and their artistic representations.






Dean Sandler (10) used the cut paper technique to represent his understanding of the value of humility.





Hannah Velasquez (9) uses her collage making skills to create a representation of the value of truth.





Using the following texts about participating in community through hospitality, Galia Cohen (12) showed her representation as an open door.

“G–d performs acts of hospitality at all times, at every moment. Were He to desist from doing so for even a single moment the world would be lost.” [Shenei Luchot HaBerit, Torah Shebikhtav, Vayera, Ner Mitzvah 4]

“Such hospitality must also bear in mind the dignity of the recipient. One should always remember that G–d provides food for all His creatures in a friendly spirit.” [Shenei Luchot HaBerit, Torah Shebikhtav, Terumah, Derekh Chayim 13].

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