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Tuition Assistance and Affordability

Philosophy and Impact

At San Diego Jewish Academy, we want to make our community affordable and accessible for all families—so more students can be part of a nurturing environment of excellent academics, with an ethos of social responsibility, and that embodies active Jewish living. Our Tuition Assistance and Affordability programs help to strengthen and grow our community.

In all honesty the Open Door program has completely changed our world…. I don’t think we would have been able to afford to send her there, without it. Now, seeing what a wonderful school it is, we are so grateful!

Open Door 2019/2020 Kindergarten Parent

Tuition Assistance FAQs

Tuition Assistance

Receiving tuition assistance is completely confidential; we understand that this can be a sensitive topic and respect your privacy. You can email SDJA directly to learn more at tuitionassistance@sdja.com, and click here to begin applying for tuition assistance. We also always welcome an in-person conversation to understand your tuition assistance needs.

We have many programs that you may qualify for automatically:

  • Children entering Kindergarten or 9th grade in 2020-2021 automatically receive a 50% tuition reduction through our Open Door program, which guarantees that tuition rate for four years. The Open Door program can be combined with both the Early Enrollment Credit and the highest value of other tuition credits (details below).
  • All returning students who enroll by February 3, 2020 receive a $1,000 Early Re-enrollment Tuition Credit for the 2020-21 academic year.
  • Families with three or more children at SDJA receive a 25% Multiple Child tuition credit for the 3rd child or 50% for the 4th child. This credit applies to the youngest child, unless one of the other children are in the Open Door program, in which case the credit is applied to that child.

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Additional Tuition Credits

  • Jewish Professionals. Children with at least one parent employed by a recognized San Diego Jewish communal agency receive a 25% tuition credit.
  • Rabbinic credit. Children of active San Diego Jewish community pulpit rabbis and cantors receive a 50% tuition credit.
  • Employee credit. Children of full-time SDJA employees receive a 25% tuition credit. Part-time employees receive a prorated credit.

A student who qualifies for more than one credit will be awarded the highest value credit, which can be combined with both the Early Enrollment credit and the Open Door program.

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Payment Plans and Tuition

Yes. Through FACTS Management Company, San Diego Jewish Academy is able to provide a convenient, online method for tuition payments. SDJA payment options include payment in full, semi-annual, and monthly payments from checking, savings, or credit card account.

K-12 Tuition
School Grade Tuition
Golda Meir Lower School Kindergarten Open Door Reduction = $12,020
Maimonides Upper School 9th Open Door Reduction = $14,242.50
Golda Meir Lower School 1-5 $24,040
Maimonides Upper School 6-8 $27,565
Maimonides Upper School 10-12 $28,485
Early Childhood Center Pre-school TBD

SDJA’s full tuition is lower than other top tier schools in the area because we operate on a fully-owned debt free campus. Moreover, full tuition closely approximates but is still lower than the actual cost to educate a student each year at SDJA. A more detailed tuition chart with important dates will be released at the end of 2019.

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Additional Questions

Anyone applying for admission in K-12 can apply for tuition assistance or may qualify automatically for a number of our other Affordability programs. There is no income ceiling or minimum to qualify for tuition assistance. SDJA anticipates awarding $5 million in 2020/2021 in tuition assistance, credits, and scholarships.

Throughout the tuition assistance process, SDJA consider all factors that impact a family’s financial situation including other financial commitments and sacrifices, number of children, household income and more. Interested families must complete a tuition assistance application and provide all the necessary documentation. More information about the decision-making process and pertinent dates can be found HERE.

No. Applicants are accepted for admission to SDJA on a need-blind basis. In other words, applying for tuition assistance will not affect the school’s acceptance of the student.

In general, yes. Families must complete the tuition assistance application process each year and submit the required documentation just as they did during the initial process. Given that a family’s financial picture remains relatively the same from year to year, a family can expect to have a similar amount of tuition assistance each year.

At different times, SDJA will offer scholarships that provide tuition reductions. These can be in any grade for different reasons. We notify parents and the broader community when these are available.

Click here to begin the tuition assistance process. The application must be completed by DATE for the 2020/2021 school year.

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Keri Copans
Dirctor of Admissions

We wanted the Jewish education — that was really important. We toured the school before we knew about the tuition assistance and really liked it, and once we found out [tuition] was half price, that sealed the deal.

SDJA Parent

Experience our warm community, high quality education, and inspired and meaningful Jewish life. Again, reach out to begin a confidential conversation about how you can receive financial assistance to be a part of SDJA.