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Tuition Assistance

Central to San Diego Jewish Academy’s mission and vision as a Jewish day school is our sacred obligation to provide a Jewish education to every child who comes to our door. Nearly one in every four of our students receives some level of tuition assistance, and we are enormously proud that our school does not restrict admission only to those children whose parents can afford to pay full tuition. Throughout the tuition assistance process the school will consider the financial sacrifices and choices the family makes in affording their student’s education.

Applicants are accepted for admission on a need-blind basis. In other words, applying for tuition assistance will not affect the school’s acceptance of the student. Interested families must complete a tuition assistance application and provide all the necessary documentation.

Applicant information is processed via two sources: Financial Aid for Student Tuition (FAST) and the SDJA Tuition Assistance Committee, to determine the tuition assistance award. Staff that are responsible for making acceptance decisions are not part of the tuition assistance determination process. A $43 processing fee is assessed by FAST and is collected with the submission of the application. Please note, tuition assistance is only available for K-12.

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