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Senior Trip to Israel and Poland

Eilat 3The senior trip to Poland and Israel is a transformative intellectual and emotional experience for our students. As educators and community members, we strive to give our students both roots and wings. On this voyage, our students will experience for themselves the roots of our people’s historic past in Poland and the present and future in Israel.

The program is designed and facilitated by Alexander Muss High School in Israel, a world-renowned leader in experiential Jewish education. As we take our students from the confines of the four walls of the classroom and introduce them to the three dimensional classroom of the world, they will have the kind of hands-on experiences that bring to life the conceptual and factual knowledge they gain in the classroom.

In the senior seminar course at SDJA, our students spend up to six months preparing for this trip. By engaging with and delving into a multifaceted experience that shapes their understanding of what it means to be an informed learner, listener and leader, they are thrust into their unique role as inheritors and designers of the Jewish future.

Our program challenges and enriches students on a cognitive and emotional, physical and spiritual level. This five week experience is like no other Israel trip. Our students continuously state that the trip is a transformative experience and is the pinnacle of their education at SDJA.


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