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SDJA Financial Concerns FAQs

March 23, 2020


The duration and economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic remains uncertain, while governments, agencies and industry are all moving to mitigate the health and economic impacts on U.S. citizens. This includes such things as a trillion dollar economic stimulus package, delayed income tax filing and payment deadlines, expanded unemployment benefits, and deferment of mortgage and other recurring payments.

During the period of our campus closure, which may last through the end of the current school year, San Diego Jewish Academy continues to employ and pay its teachers and support staff as they continue to deliver the highest quality educational experience possible through our remote learning platform. We seek to fulfill our mission of Academic Excellence, Social Responsibility and Active Jewish Living in these challenging times, and will remain at the forefront of Early Childhood Center / K-12 schools in doing so. Moreover, we want to ensure that we retain our excellent staff so that we are well positioned when in-person learning and regular school operations can resume.

In the context of this uncertain and unfolding situation, San Diego Jewish Academy is providing answers to frequently asked questions related to financial concerns. This FAQ will be continuously evaluated, updated and republished in the weeks ahead.

Frequently Asked Questions

I applied for tuition assistance for the 2020-21 school year before the February 3rd deadline (Round 1). Is my enrollment agreement and acceptance of this award still due on Wednesday, March 25th?

No, the March 25th deadline has been extended. The new deadline will be communicated in the next several weeks, to provide flexibility. Families may submit their enrollment agreement and acceptance of tuition assistance awards any time prior to the new deadline.

I have a student in grades K-12. Will there be a reduction in my tuition due to the change in school operation?

There will not be a reduction in tuition for K-12 students. SDJA is committed to ensuring that all students move on to the next grade level without interruption. We need to pay salaries for teachers and staff, who are very much working full time and attending to students’ needs. We also need to cover the school’s overhead, which remains the same. Continuing tuition payments at this time helps SDJA and its families succeed during this immediate crisis and positions the school to be ready on day 1 when regular operations can resume.

I have a student in the Early Childhood Center (ECC). Will there be a reduction in my tuition, or some type of credit, due to the change in school operation?

SDJA recognizes that ECC education is a different segment of education than K-12, with the latter being more formal with daily schedules and mandatory attendance requirements. We are in the process of formulating an appropriate tuition credit for our ECC families, but have not yet determined the exact amount, form or timing of such a credit. We intend to do so in the next few weeks, once we have a better understanding of the extent and duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. We will communicate this information with our ECC families at that time. In the meantime, scheduled ECC tuition payments should continue to be made. Our ECC teachers and staff are still being paid, and are working hard to provide ongoing programming and teacher/social connection for our youngest students, with appropriate adjustments and modifications. As with our K-12 teachers, we want to ensure we retain our excellent staff so that we are well positioned when in-person school operations can resume.

I have a student in the Learning Center. Will there be a reduction in my Learning Center fees?

Consistent with our ongoing educational objectives, SDJA continues to provide Learning Center services to our K-12 students within our remote learning platform. Because of these continued operations, there will not be a reduction in Learning Center fees during the campus closure period.

Will I be credited for student fees that I have paid, such as for hot lunch, the Kayefet after school program, etc.?

Yes, fees associated with auxiliary student services that have been discontinued due to the SDJA campus closure will be fully credited. These include hot lunch fees, Kayefet fees, ECC enrichment programs, and ECC Pesach camp fees paid.

I’m concerned about my financial situation. Can I suspend my scheduled tuition payment(s)?

As a general rule, ongoing tuition payments are not being suspended. SDJA is, however, providing emergency financial assistance and flexibility in making payments to those families who are most significantly impacted financially. See related FAQ below.

Will I need to start paying my school year 2020-21 tuition installments in May 2020, as scheduled?

Yes, as a general rule. SDJA is, however, providing emergency financial assistance and flexibility in making payments for those families who are most significantly impacted financially. See related FAQ below.

My spouse or I have been laid off, or have a significant reduction in self-employment income on which we are dependent for our day-to-day living expenses. Can I apply for emergency financial aid?

Yes. We are currently working hard to secure funds for emergency financial aid for those families in greatest need. Beginning with families that are currently receiving tuition assistance, you may apply for emergency financial aid and will receive the highest priority. Documentation will be required. To obtain additional information, please e-mail TuitionAssistance@sdja.com. Families that are not currently receiving tuition assistance but that are in this same situation may also apply for emergency tuition assistance, in which case an application will need to be submitted. Please e-mail TuitionAssistance@sdja.com to obtain additional information.

Because the Senior Trip has been cancelled, will I receive a credit to my FACTS account, or a refund for amounts paid?

Yes. We are very sorry about the cancellation of the Senior Trip, a capstone experience for our SDJA students. Families will be refunded all costs paid to SDJA for the Senior Trip.