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Read Our Campaign Letters

From Our Head of School:

Dear Friends,

I am privileged to serve as Head of School at San Diego Jewish Academy. During my time at SDJA, I have seen students excel in our learning environments, I’ve seen families establish deep bonds with each other, I’ve seen Jewish life thrive amidst celebration and holidays, and I’ve seen the next generation of leaders develop and go on to attend some of the top universities in the country.

Now, thanks to the leadership of our Campaign Chairs and so many others in our community, Our Family is One will position SDJA to build on its past as we embark together on an exciting future. With Our Family is One, SDJA is living out some of our most sacred beliefs and principles. We gain strength from each other and demonstrate how we can provide for the next generation. With Our Family is One, families and students will continue to benefit from our stellar faculty; teachers will have more resources and more of the best professional development opportunities; and our Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking and the Advanced Institute of Judaic Studies create unique and meaningful learning experiences for children and parents alike.

Just as important, Our Family is One will let us open our doors even wider, bringing a world-class Jewish private school education within reach for more families. What an opportunity we have in front of us! Let’s come together, as a family, and bring the vision of Our Family is One to life.

Thank you,

Chaim Heller
Head of School

From Our Campaign Chairs:

Dear Friends,

As parents of children at San Diego Jewish Academy, we experience the daily benefits a thriving, world-class learning environment that is an epicenter of Jewish life. We know that this environment is made even more special by the community and friends with whom we are so fortunate to share it. We are a strong community. We support each other. We are bound by a special connection and commitment to educate the next generation of Jews. In essence, we are a family.

We want to be a part of not just maintaining, but growing what SDJA offers—from its innovative learning, to its inclusive community, to its engaging and meaningful Jewish experiences. To do this, we are in the midst of chairing an ambitious and exciting campaign. Our Family is One is a $15 million campaign to increase the academic excellence of the school and to make the school more affordable for families. Through Our Family is One, SDJA will continue to be a world-class Jewish private school with excellent teachers and even more resources for cutting edge, individualized and unique educational experiences. We are especially excited that Our Family is One will enable more families to be a part of our warm, inclusive community.

Thanks to the generosity of many community members, we’ve already raised over $10 million of our campaign goal! But we want everyone to be a part of strengthening and building our community—our family. We invite you to learn more below about Our Family is One and the powerful vision SDJA has for our future and the future of all of families that choose to call SDJA home.

Join us, invest with us. Together, Our Family is One.


Carol & Jonathan Goldwasser
Theresa Dupuis & Gary Kornberg
Sonia & Gavin Mandelbaum
Heidi and Russell Silberstein