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Our Family Is One Campaign


Thanks to the generous support of our community, we raised $15 million to support the Our Family Is One campaign!

Through the Our Family Is One Campaign, we are investing in the areas that matter most:


World-Class Learning – we are recruiting and retaining the best teachers, while expanding our educational programming to include a new Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Thinking and by expanding our Advanced Institute for Judaic Studies.


Affordability – we are extending the promise of an SDJA education to more members of our community through bold tuition affordability measures.


Jewish Living – Students who attend SDJA are far more likely to identify as Jewish throughout their lives, to pass on their traditions and values. Through the Our Family Is One Campaign, we remain committed to Jewish education by enhancing our Jewish life and learning offerings. 


Learn more from our Head of School and Campaign Chairs by clicking here.

We encourage you to read more about the Our Family Is One Campaign, and its impact on our community, by clicking the image below to our Case for Support:

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Thank you to our supporters! 

Todah Rabah to everyone who supported the Our Family Is One Campaign and who have made these incredible accomplishments and initiatives possible:




The Galicot Family

The Jaffe Family

Neil and Patricia Shaw



Dan and Jaime Feder

David and Melissa Gilbert

Benjamin and Trisha Handler

The Josephson and Silberstein Family

The Klein Family

The Michan and Krongold Family

The Woolf and Grusd Family



Anonymous (2)

The Feldman Family

Elliot and Diane Feuerstein

Robert and Jessica Fink

Laura Galinson and Jodi Diamond

Dustin and Tara Gillman

Lee and Amy Goodman

Stuart and Lee Posnock

Elliot Scott and Lee Diamond Scott

Barry Simons



Marsha Berkson

Eric Weisman and Susan Chortek-Weisman

The Cohn Family

Avrille Copans

Gary Kornfeld and Theresa Dupuis

Brett and Carly Feuerstein

Chaim and Michal Heller

Gary and Cheryl Levitt

Carlos and Perla Shteremberg

The Smiedt Family

Simon and Laura Vainer

Charles and Randi Wax



Anonymous (2)

Michel and Samantha Cohen

David and Claire Ellman

Jonathan and Carol Goldwasser

Shira Ladelsky

Ingram Losner and Jane Willoughby

Steven and Nicole Ludwig



Skip and Terri Carpowich

Raymond and Rhona Fink

Rabbi Philip Graubart and Rabbi Susan Freeman

Katherine Green

Ricardo and Daniela Jinich

Steven and Audrey Levine

Navias Family Foundation

Rabbi Yael Ridberg and Mark Laska

Abraham and Ana Rothman

Eric Vann and Karin Zell

Richard and Nancie Vann

Leonel Burrola and Innesa Zavulunova

Jose and Sonia Zyman



David and Melody Abeles

Sergio and Ariela Berkstein

Jaime and Karen Breziner

Isaac Engel and Ruth Schwartz

Ira and Andrea Feinswog

John and Roberta Foss

David-Alexandre and Kelly Gros

Charles and Rachelle Jagolinzer

Christopher and Kelley King

Andrei and Oxana Litvak

Scott Penner and Rebecca Rakow-Penner

Jeffrey and Jessica Pollak

Gary and Sharon Pollak

Michael and Jill Quigley

Robert Shapiro and Jacqueline Saleh

Steve and Danielle Shulman

Daniel and Stacy Varon



Anonymous (3)

Noam and Heidi Arzt

Clarice Barrelet

Rebeca and Roberto Besquin

Shaun and Keri Copans

Paul and Julie Datnow

Joel and Barbi Dorfan

Shaun and Yael Edelstein

Cheryl Eisen

Paul Ellenbogen

Tsvi Estline

Judith Fisher

Julius and Perla Fox

Chock Gan and Su-Lin Low

Andy Mayer and Heidi Gantwerk

Paula and Jose Garber

Mauricio and Silvia Gerson

Mark and Hanna Gleiberman

Joe and Joan Gross

Nadav and Gabrielle Hazan

Selwyn and Hilary Isakow

Michael and Laura Jeser

Sergio and Sonya Jinich

Alice Kahn

Bernardo and Maya Kanarek

Julian and Julia Kapchinskiy

Harold and Joy Krasner

Rabbi Martin and Anita Lawson

Saul Levine and Ann Garland

William and Shana Lew

Larry and Trisha Liebermensch

Morris Z”L and Zita Liebermensch

LPA, Design Studios

Spencer and Betzy Lynch

David and Felicia Mandelbaum

Justin and Alison Mandelbaum

Esther Mareyna

Daniel and Vicky Mayer

Martin and Beverley Pamensky

Eduardo and Ilana Podolsky

Matthew and Lindy Rinkey

Adam Rosenthal and Jami Datnow Rosenthal

Sonny and Sue Ross

Bret and Amy Scher

Dan and Carol Schwarzblat

Brian and Sheila Shaw

Susan Shmalo

Esther Mondlak and Boris Simpser

Jodi and Logan Smith

Lyle and Ronyt Sprung

Sam and Sue Varon

Daniel and Lee Weinstein

Melissa Wells

John and Billie Jean Wirth

Perri Wittgrove

Enrique and Eva Zagursky

Fanrong Zeng and Yuehua Li


$999 and under


Ayal and Gvira Abed

Gil and Shani Abed

Sigmund and Rochelle Abeles

Gary and Negin Abenaim

Bruce Abrams

Yaakov and Vivian Abu

Eyal Abudi and Yael Zucker-Abudi

Larry and Janet Acheatel

Micki and Ilana Acks

Stephanie Adams

Benjamin and Seanha Adelstein

Robert and Miriam Adelstein

Daniel and Tamra Amiram

Aviva Angel

Jerome and Beverly Auerbach

Yoram and Shifra Baltinester

The Bank of America Charitable Foundation

Jane Banning

Dana Bar

Oren and Diana Barforough

Paul and Aurora Bensussen

Liad Biton and Tanaz Kahen-Biton

Andrew and Allison Blackburn

The Bolker-Rizzi Family

Michelle Boynton

Paula Brannon

Harvey and Anne Brenner

Marshall and Kelly Brenner

Parker Bush

Alberto and Nancy Calderon

Joshua and Lyda Cohen

Jack and Barbara Cohen

Enrique and Mina Cohen

Yoram and Avigaeil Cohen

Tommy Collins and Ihan Anita Ip

Brian and Merle Datnow

Stuart and Sharon Davidson

Lily Deveau

David and Jackie Diamond

Eva-Lynn Diesenhaus

Michael and Lauren Dolinka

Ricardo and Gabriela Dondisch

Steven and Ruth Douek

Keren Douek

Patricia Douglas

Richard and Lauren Dupuis

Dale and Sandra Elledge

Luis and Heidi Epelstein

John Evans and Ronnee Schreiber

Andreas and Anna Falkiewicz

Jean Feinstein

Douglas and Whitney Feinstein

Fred and Marilyn Feldman

Shelley Feltman

Gloria Finkelstein

Noel and Miriam Fishman

Marilyn and Len Fishman

Shirley Foucher

Julian and Beryl Frank

Miron and Arlene Friedman

Eduardo and Karen Frischwasser

David and Carolina Garber

Lois and Gus Garcia

Sean and Wendy Gelt

Gary and Debbi Gillman

Jeremy and Sarah Gimbel

Kenneth and Joanne Gimbel

Jose and Ilana Gold

Edward and Lana Goldberg

Stacey Goldblatt

Ofir and Ayelet Gonen

Julie Good

Jennifer Walker and Marla Goodman

Dolores Goodman

Andrew and Denise Gordon

Grand Classroom

Jeremy and Jennifer Grolman

David and Sandra Gutglass

Ricky Harel

Uri and Hagar Hazan

Aaron and Brianne Hewitson

Danielle Heyde

Suzie Moss-High and Ron High

Christopher Hill and Polly Ronquillo

Ari and Alexandra Hirschhorn

Daniella Hofreiter

David and Arlene Hubbard

Aaron and Lindsey Hurvitz

David Isaacs

Laura Jacobs

Barbara Jagolinzer

Kathy Johnson

David and Inna Judelson

Michael Ledovskikh and Larisa Kagan

Jennifer Kagnoff

Steven Kahn and Rachel Selk

Izhak and Sara Kaminski

Javier and Hanu Kassel

Arturo and Alexis Kassel

Helane Kelman

Gary Kelsey and Andrea Winters

Sol and Debbie Kempinski

Ruslan Kipnis and Elizaveta Solovyeva

Rabbi David and Debbie Kornberg

Milijan and Leah Krecu

Casey Kroll

Idonna Kruger

Bill and Carrie Land

Howard and Cheryl Langman

Maggie LaPlante

Roland and Pauline Lariviere

Mark and Lorna Lavine

Yosi and Hilda Leisorek

Eric and Teresa Leitstein

Dmitri and Irene Lerner

Roberto and Julie Levin

Jaime Levine and Karin Rashcovsky Schiff

Marcos and Debora Levy

Mitchel and Florence Lichtman

Joshua and Kaley Lichtman

Salvador and Monica Lombroso

Andrew Lowy and Haydee Ojeda-Fournier

Ilana Lupa

Doron and Suki Lurie

Candace Manor

Clinton and Andy Marcus

Jerome and Marlene Markus

Brett and Jade Marx

Mishel Matloubian

Bonnie and Gabriel Mauser

Adam McCurdy and Shira Jacobs

Wayne and Mandi Meyerowitz

Harvey Miller and Karen Berliner

Zachary and Jennifer Millrood

Tammy Mizrachi

Alberto Moel and Tania Dubin Moel

Arie and Naomi Moshkovitz

Marc and Ana Muroff

Pamela Nathan

Ron and Liora Newfield

Eugene and Suzanne Newman

Jose and Teisha Oldak

Shelly Olsher

Gary Oren

Sheldon and Barbara Ostroff

Robert and Maggie Ovadia

Marcy and Allan Palansky

Hedda and William Panzer

Alain and Orly Perez

Valeri and Victoria Polyak

Sheryl Rabinowitz

Michael and Danielle Rakow

Guy and Ashley Ravid

Ben and Liz Regev

Flossie and Tony Riesner

Rabbi Baruch and Carina Rock

Antonio and Yulia Rosas

Ed Whitmore and Linda Rosenberg

Jay and Rimma Rosenberg

Steven and Carole Ross

Eugene Roytman

Grigoriy and Yelena Rozenfeld

Marc and Tamara Rubenzik

Karen Rubin

Vivienne Saleh

Vilma Schafer

Kristine Schneid

Scott and Alicia Schoenwald

Jeff and Adrienne Schwartz

Marcia Selz

Joe and Estee Sery

Gil Sery

Dianne Shapp

Mark and Renee Sherman

Rabbi Ron and Robin Shulman

Gideon and Lidor Shuster

Sharon Simmonds

Martin Sloane

Milton and Marcia Solomon

Ira and Linda Spilky

Ellen Statman

Brandon and Mei Steele

Kevin and Lynn Swartzberg

Kirsty Tan

Shiri Tenenbaum

Ruth Tepperman

William and Michelle Tiep

Jonathan and Andi Toker

Frieda Varon

Joshua and Eva Veinbergs

Beth and Alan Vertun

Dick and Charrie Warshaw

Ephron Rosenzweig and Yvonne Webber

Sherry Weinblatt

Jeffrey and Yu Weinstein

Jason and Marni Weiss

Gerry and Teshy Wellman

Douglas and Vicki Wolf

Sharleen Wollach

Ken and Christine Woodall

Edna Yedid

Sharone Yedid

Alex and Esti Yeshanov

Darren and Beryl Youngleson

Andrew and Nadene Zack

Dan and Rachel z”l Zagursky

Moshe and Bonnie Zakarin

Howard and Linda Zell