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Valuing you and everyone who is an employee of San Diego Jewish Academy

Dear Fellow Employees,

At SDJA, we care about every student, every family, and every employee who contributes to a strong, vibrant, and welcoming community. While we all face an unprecedented challenge at this moment, our desire to care for others—our social responsibility—is unwavering.

With this guiding principle, we are doing everything possible so that all of our employees maintain their employment during this time. We value you as people, we value your dedication to our school and families, and we want to help you, as much as we can, find a sense of normalcy. We not only believe in the Jewish value of kol yisrael arevim zeh b’zeh (all of Israel are responsible for one another)—we strive to embody it.

As we all adapt to distance learning, our stellar team of teachers and faculty, combined with our incredible parents, are providing the best possible educational and community building experiences. At the same time, we are looking ahead to the day when SDJA will be allowed to resume full operations.

We will arrive at this day with our full professional team in place. From our early childhood center through 12th grade, this team is filled with talented individuals in all aspects of our school—from the classrooms, to outdoor learning, to STEAM, to music and theater, to guidance counseling, to registering and ordering supplies, to everyone who keeps our school safe, clean, and well-maintained—and we will strive to remain a team through this.

We are all working on behalf of the school and finding ways to support our community, in any way we can right now. We are able to do this in part because of our generous donors who are unwavering in their commitment to a thriving SDJA. We are also able to do this thanks to the commitment of our parents who stand by the school in difficult times. We thank them for making our support possible.

Together, our community will continue to inspire and strengthen each other. And when this is over, and be assured it will one day be behind us, San Diego Jewish Academy will be stronger for having gone through this all, together.

In sincere appreciation for everything each and every one of you do,


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