Return of the Eggpire

By: Aviv Laska And Ella Schaffer

Welcome to the first chicken club newsletter!  In this newsletter, we are going to tell you all the things you need to know about chicken club, from financing to handling, right down to the names of our chickens!

This year in the chicken club we have many changes! Last year we only had four chickens, but this year we will have a whopping 20 chickens! We are even building a whole new coop to house all our chickens.  You may know that last year there was a pretty small coop that you couldn’t even stand in. This made it very difficult for the handlers to feed the chickens. This year we will have a coop that you can walk in to play with the chickens.  The chickens will also be able to roam around freely whenever they want due to the coop’s open doors. You are probably wondering who is taking care of all these chickens? That is us, the 5th-grade class!

It’s a new year, which means the chicken business also needs a new name. Introducing the Eggpire! We chose this because it is a catchy name and the majority voted for it. We also have 20 chickens so we thought Eggpire really captured the fact that we have so many chickens to care for. 

Want to know more? Be on the lookout for the next update from The Eggpire!


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