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Mission Innovation STEM Competition 2019-20

Dear parents,

Here’s some information about Mission Innovation Competition which we’ve run out of SDJA for the past 3 years. This competition allows opportunities for elementary school students (3rd through 5th grades) to engage in a competitive Science, Engineering, Technology, and Math (STEM) competition. It includes students from independent, and private elementary schools (maximum three-four schools). The competition allows students to demonstrate their knowledge of the STEM fields, practice problem solving, and hone their design and engineering skills in a competitive, non-classroom setting.

This competition provides a platform for further enrichment of Science/STEM oriented students, who enjoy being part of a STEM team, and love team challenges.

  1.  The competition will include three events:

    1. Quick fire challenge to take place at SDJA gym on two Wednesdays in mid November and early April. There will be 10 questions per topic, on the following topics: Life Science, Energy, Electricity and Magnetism, Earth Science (rocks and minerals, volcanoes, weather), Physical Science, Astronomy/Aerodynamics.

    2. Inventor challenge (Catapult/ Launcher challenge) to take place at the SDJA gym on a Wednesday in March, from 5-7pm. The students will use a kit to construct a catapult and test its launching capabilities. They will report their findings on kinetic energy, momentum and average speed, as well as the changes they made to improve them. Reports will be due a week before the Launch Challenge.

    3. Reverse engineering (deconstruction) challenge to take place at SDJA on a Wednesday in May during school. The competition is designed similar to the Science Fair format where the kids present tri-fold posters containing their research on taking apart household items, and analysis of their parts. The judges panel to evaluate the board presentations is to be comprised of each school’s parent/teacher community. 4-5 ppl per panel.

  2. The competition is open to the students attending 3(Novice), 4(Junior Varsity), and 5(Varsity) grades. Maximum number of students per team is 5.


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