Guidance Counseling Update

By Sarah Greenstein

Parent Education Opportunities 

It has been an exciting beginning to the new school year, full of adjusting to new routines and classroom environments, connecting with old friends, welcoming new friends and transitioning from our summer to our school-year selves.  

Your participation is encouraged in the many opportunities we will have this year for parents to gather together to build as welcoming a community as possible, and to explore topics surrounding our children’s social-emotional well-being. We hope to see you at some of the following events this month: 

  1. WeCare Consortium-hosted talk by New York Times Best-Selling author Rachel Simmons. Topic: Enough As She Is: How to Help Girls Move Beyond Impossible Standards of Success. Sept 11th, 6:30pm, Academy of Our Lady of Peace. To view the event flyer, click here

  2. SDJA Kindergarten Parent Coffee, Sept 12th at 8:05am in the Moadon. 

  3. WeCare Consortium-hosted talk by New York Times Best-Selling author Rachel Simmons. Topic: How to Help Your Child Manage Anxiety, Self-Criticism, and Toxic Pressure. Sept 13th, 9:30am, The Children’ School. To view the event flyer, click here

  4. All Families Welcome– SDJA is supporting a parent-led, informal group to organize opportunities for support and connection for families who identify as non-traditional, including single, divorced, widowed, and gay parents, grandparents raising children, and otherwise self- identified non-traditionally nuclear families. First morning roundtable discussion will be Sept 20th, 8:05am, Moadon. 

  5. PTO Hosted screening of the IndieFlix film Angst, Sept 26th, 6:00pm in the Ulam. For more information about the film, click here.

Focus on SEL (social emotional learning): 

Watch this short and fun video to find out more about what the buzz is all about with the growing national emphasis on Social Emotional Learning in schools:


Ask your children about these topics we’ve been learning in guidance lessons during the first two weeks of school: 

Kindergarten- 2nd grade 

We’ve learned ABC breathing and how mindful listening helps our brains focus and pay attention. We’ve practiced asking someone how to play and have explored both verbal and non-verbal communication.  Everybody’s voice is important!

3rd-5th grade 

Our emphasis has been on how to create a caring community that is accepting and kind. We practiced box breathing, discussed the importance of being our unique selves, and began to explore ways in which we are similar and different.

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