New Beginnings

With a new year comes new goals, aspirations and opportunities. During a restful or active summer, regardless, I hope our MUS students took a bit of time to reflect on their school life.


A few weeks ago during the final MUS session on Lions Day, I challenged our students with a question – “What Kind of Person Do You Want to Be?” Although it appears to be a fairly simple question, it was intended to begin a thought provoking process of reflection, dialogue and action.


During that session, I presented four character traits that positive psychologists, through empirical research, determined to be indicators of a fulling life – Integrity, Perseverance, Curiosity and Empathy.


Integrity- Simply put – Doing the right thing when no is watching.


Perseverance – The act of staying committed to a goal, or task over time even when setbacks, or failures occur.


Curiosity – The strong desire to learn or know something by leaving your mind open to possibilities and taking an active interest in learning.


Empathy – The experience of understanding another person’s condition from their perspective.


Many aspects of our curriculum and approaches to co-curricular programing have been enhanced with the active engagement of these and many more traits. Challenging the minds of our students by embedding values and character traits with the academic skills and content mastery of our educational process will provide a framework for our students to flourish in life.


So, as we ramp up the 2018.19 school year I encourage the entire MUS community to consider these traits, reflect and lean in … take the challenge of the opportunities in the MUS.

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