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Scoop From The Coop This week’s edition was written by Daniella Hazan, Michelle Sprung, Rayna Williams

There are a lot of changes on the horizon. First of all, we’ve come up with a new name for our business.  We’d like to introduce you to, Got Eggs?, our student-run fifth-grade business! Be on the lookout for our brand new logo that is being designed by a fifth grader!

So what’s new in the coop?  Fifth Graders are asking the parents and any other supporters to vote for our chickens’ names. We have already come up with a list of potential names for you to vote on.  The voting process will take place in the Lower School Office. In the office we will have jars with possible names for our chickens. Place your vote by putting a donation in the jar that has the name you like best.  This will not only help us figure out the names of our chickens, but will also help us raise some money for our business. Please feel free to put in as much money as you care to contribute. There is no minimum.

How are our chickens doing? Well, so far this month our chickens have laid around a dozen eggs.  The chickens have also been very playful throughout the time we have had them. They’re jumping, running, and playing all day. Since we are getting a new coop, the chickens will be able to get more exercise because they’ll have more space to run.

What are we using the money and donations for? We are using part of the money for a new chicken coop that the chicken handlers can stand in so that we don’t need to squish and bend when we are in the coop. A bigger coop also means more space for our chickens to run around and get exercise.   We’re also expanding our business by getting more chickens and more chickens means a bigger coop to hold them all. We should be getting our new coop in approximately the next few weeks.

We hope you’re excited about eggs sales! We are going to start off by selling eggs to the Fifth grade families first, and afterwards we will open up sales to every SDJA family. We already have eggs to sell and cannot wait to distribute our first round to buyers.

We’ve made so many changes this year like changing the business name and logo and we are thrilled about what’s ahead!


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