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A Message from Jordanna Rubin, PTO President

Welcome to the start of a new year!

Getting our kids back into a routine is enough to exhaust any parent. Add in the coordination of back-to-school night, intake meetings, school supplies and weekly Chagim, and by mid-September, most parents are hoping for just a moment to catch their breath.

So when you’ve been spotted by the PTO president, or anyone on the board, I urge you not to stop, drop and roll into the fetal position. This year we have an amazing team that includes more room parents than we have classes by grade. I am also proud to report that our team is made up of both mothers and fathers, and spans the many cultures and backgrounds of our community.

Our team and network of volunteers that devote their time to building community for our families deserve medals. And a lot of wine!

With that in mind, I’m starting our newsletters this year first with a Thank You. Thank you for your time, your creativity, and your love. Because I already know our community will get involved and that you will do amazing things.

Wishing you an amazing year! Shanah Tovah.

Jordanna Rubin

PTO President


President Jordanna Rubin
Vice Nic Dial
Communications   Jessica Pollak
Treasurer   Orly Perez
Social Chairs Tonia Cohn
Gabrielle Hazan
Holidays Chairs Bri Hewitsen
Trish Handler
Room Parents:
Trish Shaw   KA
Amy Scher   KB
Jessica Fink   1B
Jamie Feder   1A
Andi Toker 2A
Selena Matloubian 2A
Nadene Zack   2B
Judy Bird 3B
Jessica Fink 3B
Cindy Friedman 4B
Michelle Diamond   4B
Jennifer Grolman 4B
Colette Seyman 5B
Jami Rosenthal 5B
Roberta Foss 5A


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