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Hafsaka Pe’ila הפסקה פעילה

Recess is already many students’ favorite part of the school day. So how could we possibly make recess even better? With “Active Recess” or, in Hebrew, Hafsaka Pe’ila. Hafsaka Pe’ila is something that Morah Shani, Mrs. King and Mrs. Shapp observed while at our sister school in Sha’ar Hanegev a few years ago. With the help of Coach Pelletier, we have recently launched Hafsaka Pe’ila at GMLS!

Hafsaka Pe’ila happens every Tuesday and Thursday. Special “activity stations” are set up on the playground. The stations provide students with some fun new equipment to play with – things like velcro catch ball, scooters, frisbees and diablos (yes, diablos – read more about this below).  The activities will be changed over the weeks, are fun and novel, and get the kids meeting and interacting with different children on the playground. The activities also encourage more physical activity and a greater variety of gross motor activities and eye-hand coordination.

Additionally, Hafsaka Pe’ila is developing the leadership skills of our fifth graders. Hevra (our 5th grade student leadership council) runs the activity stations and takes care of all the clean-up at the end of recess. Other fifth graders – those who learned how to use diablos during their summer camps – are teaching younger children how to play with them. It is heartwarming to see our oldest students serve as such kind and conscientious helpers and teachers to their schoolmates.

Be sure to ask your children about what they like best about Hafsaka Pe’ila / Active Recess!


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