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Inspire Purpose: An Interview with Rabbi Graubart

Q: Being the new kid on the block, what are your first impressions of SDJA?

RG: I’m thrilled to be here! It’s like coming home. My first impressions are a dedicated, committed, skilled faculty.  I’m honored to be colleagues with such loving, smart, and hard-working educators. I’m also extremely impressed with the caring, thoughtful administrators, all working hard on behalf of the teachers, students and parents. Finally I’m extremely pleased and only a little surprised at how open the students are to serious Jewish learning. It makes me hopeful for our community and also excited to be here.


Q: Is this the school that you remember when you were a parent here?

RG: On the one hand, it’s quite different. Most of the teachers and administrators are new since my younger son graduated. Part of the excitement has been meeting new people. New teachers and new administrators bring in new ideas and a different sensibility, which is all to the good. On the other hand, it’s been great to greet some old friends and establish a new relationship, as a colleague and mentor, and not a parent.  The campus is mostly the same, but I love the roller rink. Four years ago, the school was perfect for my children, but I’m not at all disappointed or surprised to see changes. That’s the nature of schools and institutions, and I’m happy to be a part of it.


Q: What is/has been most inspiring to you at SDJA?

RG: The spirit of love, care and generosity that permeates all the school’s sub-communities and relationships, from administration to faculty to students, and from early childhood to high school.

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