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Challenge Minds: Professional Development

Every year our faculty used their summer vacations to study and upgrade their teaching skills and to explore new and better approaches to teaching. This year was particularly productive as most of our teachers attended college courses, week-long trainings and other opportunities to bring new ideas to our school, for our students.

A small sample:

  • 6 teachers traveled to learn how to pilot-run a promising new 4-12th grade Hebrew Curriculum.

  • 3 teachers traveled to Boston for weeks-long education courses at Harvard, MIT and Brandeis Universities.

  • 3 teachers studied on line to further develop their tech-teaching skills.

  • 1 teacher learned best practices to integrate English Language Learners into the typical classroom and will train and present to our faculty this fall.

  • 4 teachers studied teaching advanced and hands-on science to different grades and levels.

  • All MUS math teachers completed summer courses through Stanford On-Line

  • All MUS humanities teachers studied and developed new lessons, units and worked to align everything we teach across the humanities curriculum.

There are more examples, but this should give you a sense of how our faculty use their free time in the summer.

A special shout-out to all of our teachers for their passion for children, teaching and making the school – and the world – a better place.


Early Childhood Center:

The Outdoor Classroom Project Level 1
Handwriting without Tears
Beth Polek
Handwriting without Tears
Leora Lazarus, Sharon Taylor, Vered Schuster, Marcy Amiram, Beth Polek:
NewCAJE: National Conference for Jewish Educators:
Sara Kaminski, Anita Ip, Leora Lazarus
Nutrition, Safety and Health class through UCLA:
Vered Schuster, Limora Lazarus, Laela Lazarus


Golda Meir Lower School:

Hagit Cohen Hamo
 Revital Harosh
Dianne Shapp
Maggie Walters
Shelly Moses
Sarah Greenstein
Daniella Marks
Gvira Abed
Irene Lerner
Sheryl Rabinowitz
Brooke Henriksen


Maimonides Upper School:

All MUS Teachers: Robert Marzano Research Group – Differentiation in the Classroom workshop
Lily: SDE National Conference – Completed training strand: K-5 Teaching Math, featuring Singapore Math and building a mathematical mindset
Entire MUS Math Department: Stanford University On-line Course, Mathematical Mindsets, taught by Dr. Jo Boaler
Course: http://learn.stanford.edu/mathematical-mindsets-registration.html
Jo Boaler: https://ed.stanford.edu/faculty/joboaler
Internal PD – Summer Sessions, All MUS Math Teachers
  1. Develop an intervention checklist for struggling math students
  2. Integrate coding with the Texas Instrument calculator in select middle and high school math courses
All Athletic Coaches – Positive Coaching Alliance, Double Goal Coaching, Coaching Workshop.
Eytan Kollin—AP by the Sea at USD, June 19-22   (AP US History)
Lauren Dolinka—The Writing Project at UCSD, June 19-21   (teaching with intention, the art of writing)
As a department:
9th/10th HUMANITIES MEET: June 21, 2017   full day   (ensuring the foundation)
HISTORY MEET: June 22, 2017   full day   (vertically aligning skills, bringing history out of the classroom)
ENGLISH MEET: June 23, 2017   full day   (independent reading program, vertically aligning the teaching of grammar)
ENGLISH 8/9 MEET: July 11, 2017   half day    (ensuring vertical alignment)
HUM 9 MEET: July 31, 2017   half day  (ensuring horizontal alignment, new humanities team)
Daniella:  Ruben h fleet center inquiry based science learning for middle school teachers
Lily and Patrick: Lemelson- MIT.  Conference on Invention Education. – Developing Creative, Inventive Mindsets and Skills that Prepare Middle and High School Students for Careers in a Rapidly Changing World.
Judaic Studies
Yvonne – M2 Jewish Experiential Education program
Lauren – OJSC site coordinator training.
Jeremy – Art of Leadership seminar at Harvard

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