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Chaim’s Word of the Month

Recognizing Individuals

The Voice of God comes to each individual according to their capacity and inclination. (Exodus Rabbah)

When you hear the word “institution”, what runs through your mind?


‘Don’t like them. They’re faceless and cold.’

‘I get so frustrated by their needless wasting of our time.’

‘Just try calling customer service to fix the oven, or waiting on line at DMV, or getting a bank loan. So frustrating.’

Google defines institution as “a society or organization founded for a religious, educational, social or similar purpose.”  In that regard, SDJA is an institution. But we try not to feel like one.

We see ourselves as more of a collective of a great many individuals, each of whom works in his or her own way to build a better school and community for kids and their families.

SDJA is made up of individuals. Some teach, others learn, some sweep and cook, others drop off and pick up at carpool. Each of us is what makes our school SDJA. In this, our first newsletter of the year, we will recognize and highlight some of the very special individuals who make up SDJA.

“The Voice of God comes to each individual according to their capacity and inclination”. (From Exodus Rabbah.) May we each hear a voice that inspires us to do what we can for our children, our teachers and most importantly, for each other.

Shana Tova,


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