Foodball High

The past three weeks our SDJA football team has been a part of an Italian documentary titled “Foodball High”.  The concept of this documentary is simple; an exchange of cultures.  America, to the rest of the world is synonymous with the sport of football. While Italy on the other hand, specifically the town of Modena where the athletes and crew are from, is known for food and fast cars.

I was asked the question by the author/documentary filmmaker Paolo Battaglia, “What made you agree to be a part of this project?”.  My answer, like the concept is simple; “Any time you have the chance to get groups of people together from different parts of the world to share their culture and traditions, I think it is important to do so.”  At SDJA we always talk about the importance of using athletics to help teach valuable life lessons.  Athletics is also a great tool to make connections.  The love of a sport can bring people together from all different countries and all walks of life.

The world today can seem scary in all its uncertainty, but we have to choose each day if we are going to step outside our comfort zone and make the effort to make connections or stay comfortable.  When we reach out and connect with others who have different perspectives, we notice we are more alike than different. In turn some of that fear subsides because we realize we are all in it together.  Life, like the sport of football is a team sport.

Stefanie Hill – Athletic Director

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