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Explore Possibilities – Homecoming

The tradition of Homecoming dates back to the late 1800’s but there is debate as to the exact origin of the event. Some believe the Harvard – Yale football game in 1870 was the first school celebration surrounding alumni returning to campus for a weekend of festivities. Other historians believe the homecoming celebration began in the Midwest during the 1890’s. No matter when or where it began, the traditional homecoming event had two things in common; a football game and alumni returning to campus to celebrate a reunion.

Much has evolved with regard to campus events over the years. Homecoming celebrations have been held on private and public high schools and colleges for many years though recently an interesting change has occurred. While football and alumni reunions are still the tradition at some institutions, many schools have redesigned the celebration to meet their community needs and interests. SDJA is one of those forward thinking schools.

The SDJA Homecoming week encompasses a diverse program of events including spirit, class bonding and athletics but all are threaded with one very important ingredient – community. At SDJA, homecoming is a celebration designed by the students that is unique to SDJA so we can show our pride in being part of the school community. It’s a great week to be a Lion!

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