Character Day

On September 13th, 2017 SDJA joined 130, 000 other organizations in 119 countries to participate in Character Day.

In its fourth year, Character Day is the brainchild of film maker Tiffany Shlain and her team at the non-profit organization – Let It Ripple.  The idea of an international character day was born out of the challenge of how to engage the global community in a dialogue concerning character. Utilizing the power of technology coupled with the tenets of behavioral science, Character Day was born.

At SDJA the entire upper school, including faculty and staff gathered during community time on September 13th to watch the 2017 Character Day Film, 30,000 Days, participate in a discussion led by Nicole Trotta on the themes of the film, and begin the 48-Hour Challenge. This year’s Character Day questions posed in the film are: “What is the world asking of us right now and what is the world asking of you?

The 48 Hour Challenge. The MUS students and faculty were given 2 days (48 hours) to attempt going 24 hours straight without saying anything negative about themselves or anyone else.  Participants had to restart the clock if they spoke or acted negatively, while at the same time holding compassion for themselves and others. On Friday the MUS will gather in small groups to reflect on the challenge.  The overarching goal of the challenge is not to be perfectly positive, but to practice and gain awareness of oneself.  How are you showing up to each and every situation? Are you positive or negative? Are you comfortable being uncomfortable? Do you look for opportunities to grow and empower those around you to grow? Are you empathetic?  ummm?

Link for Character Day and the film 30,000 Days.


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