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Challenging Minds – Reading

Life-long learners read. Successful entrepreneurs and community leaders read. World leaders read. Thinkers read. Curriculum based reading is an embedded aspect of an outstanding educational process like ours but reading beyond the curriculum for fun or interest has fallen off as social media and other technology platforms are readily available to us. In the upper school two programs were implemented to provide time and space for our students and faculty to read. The High School Summer Reading Program, in its second year, was again a huge success. On Lions Day all high school students were placed in small groups to dialogue with peers and faculty on their summer reading. The conversations were rich, humorous, insightful and reflective.

A central goal of the MUS Humanities Department is to create life-long readers. This year, in all English classes grades 6-10, students will spend a segment of each class participating in silent, independent reading. This time is essential in building reading practice and stamina, fluency and motivation, all of which support students when reading academic texts.

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