TV contracts, Multi-Million dollar transfer fees, Product sponsorships, College Scholarships. 

This is what athletics is all about! WRONG!


For fans, big dollar sports is exciting to watch and fun to follow, but it is entertainment. In schools we aim for much higher outcomes than merely wins, losses and trophies. 


At the recent California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) symposium, the entire program was dedicated to the principles of Educational Athletics. Umm what is that? Educational athletics are what great independent schools like SDJA teach. Educational Athletics is grounded in having fun and developing character traits through the experience of athletics – win or lose. Research in human psychology tells us that traits like perseverance, teamwork, and responsibility are indicators for flourishing in life. Learning how to overcome adversity during practice or in a contest; coming to practice physically and mentally prepared; trying to improve every day by listening to your coach and taking ownership of your actions; adhering to team, CIF and school rules; and being a good teammate by supporting everyone on the team are some of the expectations of educational athletic programs.


By fully committing to the responsibilities of being a student athlete, these traits are honed and last a lifetime in all aspects of your endeavors.

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