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Eggpire Committees Divide and Conquer

Written by Bebe Neustadt

The Eggpire has been busy the past few weeks. Our marketing and finance committees have been meeting regularly to set prices, advertise, and get the business rolling.  We’re working hard to get the eggs from our coop into your homes!

The members of the marketing committee met last week and are talking about fundraising ideas such as a bake sale or a raffle to jump-start our finances. We’ve also been spreading the word around campus and visiting classrooms to tell the students about the start of our egg sales.

Our finance committee also met last week to set prices, create a budget, and discuss our projected profit.  If you didn’t know, we are renting the coop and supplies from our amazing school cook, Chef Giselle. So our finance committee is important so we know how much money we need to make a week so we can pay our lease. When I stopped by the finance meeting I interviewed a few members to see how they felt things were going.  Gabrielle said, “Finance is very fun because you get to use your math skills while helping your community.” Abigail added, “For once the kids get to do the hard work, and the grown-ups count on us. It is a bit exciting for only 10 and 11-year-olds.” 

We will be selling eggs after Kabbalat Shabbat on Fridays from 2:45- 3:00.  The prices are $10.00 for a dozen and $5.00 for half a dozen.  

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