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Your Child’s Learning This Year

By Kelley King


One of the most important things we can do as your partner in raising and educating your child is to share with you about your child’s learning journey this year. We want to make sure that we are answering these important questions for you during the course of the school year:

Where is my child going?

How is my child doing?

What are my child’s next learning steps?

Let’s look at these questions one by one so you know how you will be kept informed about your child’s learning experiences this year.

Where is my child going?

Curriculum Coffee Talks are a very important opportunity for you to hear, see and experience what your child will be learning this year across all the subjects. The teachers are hard at work creating their presentations for you, along with activities to demonstrate and materials to view. Please do come, as these sessions are enlightening and enjoyable, and they provide critically important information for you about what your child will learn this year, as well as the end-of-year performance expectations. All Curriculum Coffee Talks are held in the Moadon (west of the GMLS main office) from 8:05-9:05am. Here are the dates:

Kindergarten: September 26th

First Grade: October 3rd

Second Grade: October 10th

Third Grade: October 24th

Fourth Grade: October 17th

Fifth Grade: October 30th

Specials (K-5 PE, music, art): November 7th

How is my child doing?

Fall Assessment Reports will be sent to you this week. These reports give you a snapshot of your child’s achievement levels at the start of the school year. The information helps the teachers make decisions about how to best meet your child’s needs.

Report Cards provide more formal documentation of your child’s mastery of curriculum standards in all areas of the curriculum. Report cards will be sent out in late November, late February and in mid-June.

Parent Teacher Conferences are another opportunity to discuss how your child is doing. These are 1-on-1 meetings with your child’s teachers. They are held in early December and early March. We will reach out to you when it is time to schedule.

What are my child’s next learning steps?

We use assessment information throughout the school year to determine how we can best meet your child’s needs and to monitor the trajectory of your child’s growth. Your children’s teachers meet weekly to discuss each child’s progress, the impact of their teaching, and how to adjust their teaching to have the greatest impact on your child’s learning. Teachers will share with you the skills and concepts that your child still needs, what goals have been set, and how those areas will be addressed.

In addition to these many opportunities, we know that questions arise at other times. Please always feel free to email your child’s teacher to discuss your child’s learning. We are here to support your child and to partner with you to maximize the learning for your child this year.

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