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Want to Give Your Child an Edge at School?

  • Strengthen your child’s friendships?

  • Increase his mental alertness and readiness for learning?

  • Reduce her stress and increase her sense of well-being?

  • Help him feel prepared for what will happen during his school day?

  • And teach her an important life lesson in the process?

All this you can do by getting your child to school on time (and even better –  with plenty of time to spare)!

We know that mornings can be hectic. But children who come to school late pay a big price.

Children need a few minutes to make the switch from home to school. Coming a little early allows your child to socialize with friends and get some physical activity on the playground. This has many benefits: It allows children a chance to reconnect with their friends and allows them to get their wiggles out, while increasing blood flow and oxygen to the brain to promote mental alertness and stress relief. We are offering supervision on the playground starting at 7:30am to help you start your child’s school day off right. Please take advantage of this!

Additionally, once school starts at 8:05am, all classrooms do a Morning Circle. This is a time for children to get grounded and feel settled in – to hear about what’s coming up in the day, to check in with each other about feelings and life events, and to learn important skills such as manners, greetings, eye contact, conflict resolution, and more. Coming on time is respectful to the child’s classmates and teacher and is a lifelong habit that we should be teaching our children.

Did You Know? Arriving to school just five minutes late every day will result in the loss of 2-½ school days over the course of the year.

Please drop your child off at no later than 8:00am this year. That will give him/her sufficient time to be in class by 8:05am without having to run and feel stressed. Students arriving at 8:05am are considered late and must be signed in at the office by a parent (please park and walk up with your child).

Thanks for your help in getting your child off to a good start this fall….in school and in life!

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