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Scoop From The Coop by Sabrina Feldman, 5th Grade

Egg-stra! Egg-stra! Read all about it! There’s a new boss in town! The fifth graders are back and ready to take over the chicken business.

Last year, the fifth graders were given the chance to start their own business. They decided to start Epic Eggs, and by raising chicken and selling their eggs. The 5th graders were in charge of marketing, finance, and taking actual care of the chickens. They fed them, changed their water, cleaned the coop, etc.

This year, the new fifth graders decided to continue the business but change things up a bit. First off, we’ll be changing the name of the business. We’ll also be getting more chickens than they had last year, and we’d like to make a bigger coop.

So where are the chickens now? Over the summer, the chickens went to our second grade teacher, Mrs. Feltman. She loved them so much we decided to sell them to her.  They will be staying with her for the rest of the year. As a result, this year we will be getting six new chickens. But just like all houses in San Diego, the coop is very expensive. Therefore, we will be having a fundraiser to raise money to build a larger coop. Much like last year, we will be voting for different names and holding a raffle. Whichever name gets the most votes is going to be the name of one of the chickens. Stay tuned to find out when the raffle will begin!

Although there is a financial and marketing side of this project, there are also chicken handlers that will be in charge of taking care of the chickens. We decided that the chicken handlers will be given a checklist so that the chickens are well taken care of. Our fifth graders will rotate through the jobs and that way we all get to try something different.

We are so excited to have these chickens and to be taking over the business from the fifth graders last year.  Be on the lookout for more information regarding our new business.


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