A Message from the GMLS PTO

SDJA has an amazing blend of families from different religious backgrounds, cultures and nationalities. While we may all have our varying opinions and views, we all made the decision to send our children to SDJA. Two years ago, our family moved to San Diego for one sole reason; we wanted our girls to get a Jewish education at SDJA. Starting weeks before the first day of school the community, including families, teachers and administration, welcomed our family and created a warm and kind atmosphere.Two years later, and after serving as a room parent, our school community has inspired me to serve as chair of the PTO.

You may wonder: “What is the PTO, why do we have one?” The PTO is here to promote and encourage open communication, and strengthen the bond between parents, teachers, administration, and the extended Jewish Community. We hope that our programs and events will enhance your experience here at SDJA and create strong community ties. We have a wonderful variety of events this school year, all outlined in the PTO Calendar here: https://www.sdja.com/gmls-pto-calendar/.   We hope to see many of you at our lively events this year.

It will take us all, working together as a community, to help make this a great year.  I hope you will be inspired to volunteer and participate throughout the year in any capacity you can. To volunteer, email GMLSPTO@sdja.com.

We look forward to getting to know you better this year, and we wish all of you and your children a wonderful 2017-2018 school year!

Jordanna Rubin

PTO Chair

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