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Explore Possibilities: Student Clubs

We know that our students have many passions and talents that fall outside the scope of what is learned in school. Therefore, starting last year and continuing this year, we have created an exciting selection of “Student Clubs.” Students contribute ideas for different clubs and our wonderful teachers help run and facilitate the clubs. Some of our current clubs include board and card games, gardening, Israeli dancing, academic support, and kindness. We just added a drawing club that is meeting once a week and that is taught by a student. For fifth graders, we also have a “Chicken Club” for aspiring entrepreneurs who are interested in creating an egg-laying business.  We rotate clubs and try new things throughout the year. Former student clubs have included a book club, dance, drama, and magic. At GMLS, we are excited about infusing a love of learning and we make it possible for students to explore a wide range of possibilities. Be sure to talk to your child about student clubs! If your child wants to suggest a new club, please have him/her talk to Morah Shani.

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