Do you have a hungry mind?

Learning – On Lions Day, I posed a question to the upper school student body: Do you have a hungry mind? After some quizzical looks because upper school students are always hungry, I presented an approach to learning that many researchers of human psychology believe is an indicator of living a fulfilled life. Being curious about the world around us, about the work we perform and the subjects we are studying is a personal practice overwhelmingly present in the most successful among us.

Asking what’s on the next test or how to get an “A” in a class is unfortunately the questions on many student’s mind. Life-long learners who flourish in life tend to pose more penetrating questions so they can delve deeper in their understanding of a topic or to assist in their path to mastering a skill. Having a hungry mind is a trait that we revere as it is completely in synch with our goal at SDJA of preparing our students for college and beyond.


Written by: Mike Quigley

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