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Some of my fondest childhood memories focus on celebrations. A Jewish holiday, a birthday, an achievement in school, or a cousin visiting from Israel. All were simchas and a chance to celebrate. I have learned from my parents to celebrate not only the big moments in life but also to appreciate the smaller moments too. They taught me to slow down, celebrate life and enjoy each moment!

Over the last few weeks, we have come together as a community numerous times to celebrate. We sang Hatikvah together on the first day of school; we dipped apples in honey in honor of the Jewish New Year; our teachers proudly celebrate the daily achievements of our children; and together we celebrated the birth of a new baby boy in the SDJA family.

As we look forward into the school year, I hope you will continue to celebrate with us – both the big and small moments. We will eat pizza and play in the sukkah, run together as a team for Jogathon and light up the night together in our homes on Chanukah.

To paraphrase Robert Brault (an American Writer): “Enjoy the little things in life. One day you may look back and realize they were the big things.”

Jordanna Rubin

PTO Chair


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