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Explore Possibilities – Mission Innovation

The high tech industry represents the career field with the fastest rate of job growth and wage growth. But having great technical skills isn’t enough. The key for today’s high tech workers and the high-tech workers of the future is to have both great technical skills AND great interpersonal skills.

Through the Mission Innovation program, we challenge students in the areas of science and engineering, in addition to the areas of teamwork, communication, collaboration and leadership.

What is Mission Innovation? It is an interscholastic STEM competition that was created by SDJA’s science/STEM teacher, Irene Lerner. Students in grades 3-6 from SDJA, La Jolla Country Day, Del Mar Pines Elementary and Soille Hebrew Day compete in three challenges during the school year. The first competition is a science knowledge challenge, kind of like Jeopardy (called “Quick Fire”). We will have two Quick Fire competitions during the year. We will also have a mousetrap car race and a deconstruction challenge in which students take apart a common household item, analyze it and make a team presentation.

The success of the program is evidenced by how it is growing. First, due to its popularity, Mission Innovation has been expanded up to include 6th grade. Also, the number of teams is growing. Last year, we had eleven teams in grades 3-5. This year, we will have fourteen teams, and that doesn’t yet include a count of the 6th grade teams.

A combination of teacher and parent coaches will be working with the students helping them prepare for the competitions. Many thanks to Irene Lerner, Shelley Feltman, Danielle Heyde, Dianne Shapp, and Marc Murroff for stepping up as faculty coaches. We are also appreciative of our parent coaches – Heidi Silberstein, Ilana Gold, and Carol Schwartblat. If you are interested in being a parent coach, please email ilerner@sdja.com.

All competitions will be held at the SDJA Gymnasium starting at 5:30pm. We hope that you can come join us as we explore all the possibilities in the world of science and engineering!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017 – Quick Fire Challenge #1

Wednesday, March 14, 2018 – Race Car Challenge

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Quick Fire Challenge #2

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2018 – Reverse Engineering Challenge

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