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Challenge Minds – Global Collaborative Learning Projects

Students of the 21st century are lucky because, with the Internet, they can connect with others around the world. The students here at SDJA participate in many such projects throughout the year. Currently 2B is participating in Project OREO where they stack OREO cookies, collect data, and compare their results with other classes around the world. You can see a map that includes some of the participating schools as well as a collaborative Google Slides presentation. In October, 2A will participate in a pumpkin seed counting project similar to 2B’s Project OREO.

Fifth grade, inspired by the book Wonder, is spearheading a global collaboration via Flipgrid to create Certified Kind Classrooms across four countries and three continents. The goal is to make the world a kinder place where people are not judged by their looks.

Also in October, various classes will participate in the Global Read Aloud. This is a project where classes around the world hear the same book (depending upon their grade) read aloud by their teachers and then connect via blogging, social media, Skype calls, collaborative projects, and more. There will be more than 2 million students participating from more than 25,000 sites around the world.

Throughout the year, different classes and grades will participate in projects such as these, some with just one other class, some through large collective projects. Without a doubt, we strive to challenge minds in ways that are rigorous, relevant, exciting and highly motivating for all of our students.

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