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Scoop From The Coop This week’s edition was written by Hannah Gutman

Rick Riordan, a favorite author of many of the fifth graders once said, “Names have power.”  We couldn’t agree more! That is why, after weeks and weeks of debating and gathering the communities input, we have finally named our chickens!

Our four chickens are named Bobbet, Noodle, Wings, and Toots. Our chickens are all Rhode Island Red Chickens. This specific breed is happy and likes any type of weather, but I’ll bet they like San Diego weather best!  They typically lay brown eggs, have a big heart and are constantly on the move. Rhode Island Reds have even been known to lay up to 300 eggs annually. So I hope you’re hungry for eggs, SDJA!

First, let us talk about that feisty Bobbet. Bobbet is an elegant and beautiful chicken. She is very sweet to us when we visit the coop. She is dark red with a touch of brown. She is a good looking chicken! Am I right?!

Now onto that goofy little chicken named Noodle. Even her name sounds silly! Noodle’s feathers are also dark red and she has a touch of brown in her feathers. We can tell her apart from the others because she is a darker shade of brown than Bobbet.  She loves to make so many ear-piercing “bawk, bawk, bawk” noises 24/7! Even though she can be very annoying, she is still a very good chicken. I cannot blame Noodle for being so goofy and loud. I have to admit that I do the same thing, so we are good buddies!

Our third chicken is named Wings. Wings is no ordinary chicken.  She is very unique in her own way and we named her Wings on purpose. She loves to fly around the coop! Once I was holding her and she flew right out of my hand. Thankfully, with the help of Morah Daniella and other chicken handlers, we managed to catch her! Her feathers are a darker red than the rest of the chickens and you can see that beautiful color even when she’s flying fast around the coop.

Our last chicken is named Toots. Now, you might think that Toots is a funny and interesting name choice and you are right! But Toots was given her name for a specific reason as well. One time I visited the chicken coop to clean it and while I was in the process, I heard a little toot come from our chicken, Toot. She is definitely our smelliest chicken and, if you go to visit the coop, beware of Toot’s toots! Though she is a bit smelly, she has a pretty dark red body with a touch of brown feathers too.

  Next time you are on campus, be sure to stop by the chicken coop and see our beautiful chickens. Bobbet, Wings, Noodle, and Toots would be more than happy to have more kind visitors come to the coop and maybe have a conversation with them! I hope you enjoyed this week’s chicken article! See you at the coop!

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