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Physical Education at GMLS By Anna Pelletier

At the very beginning of the term, grades 3-5 were focusing on catching, throwing and getting into space. We were using basketball and netball to practice these skills which were essential for our next unit on striking and fielding. Striking and fielding games involve a player aiming to score points by striking an object (kicking a ball or using a bat to hit a ball) and the fielding team prevents opponents from scoring by retrieving the object and returning it to stop the play. We have been playing hoopball (a modified kickball game) and crazy cricket to develop these skills.

Second graders have been developing their accuracy in throwing by playing Hula-Hut Showdown – a fun game which has also helped develop teamwork and tactical play.

First graders have been demonstrating their teamwork by playing numerous games: Capture the Flag, Treasure Hunt, Extreme Tic-Tac-Toe and active Rock-Paper-Scissors!

Kindergarteners have also been developing their teamwork by playing numerous games (the most popular being Capture the Flag!) but most recently, we have been focusing on what makes a healthy diet. The students have done amazingly well playing a healthy food Scavenger Hunt and were able to point out what’s healthy and what’s not so healthy!

It’s been a great few weeks and we have more fun activities planned such as soccer, handball and ultimate frisbee!


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