Inspire Purpose: Tribes

Based on the twelve Tribes of Israel, every GMLS student is a member of a “tribe.” A tribe is a mix of children from different grades, nationalities and language backgrounds. At GMLS, we have nine tribes –Asher, Binyamin, Naphtali, Dan, Reuven, Gad, Shimon and Yehuda. Each tribe has a specific color and their own tribe t-shirts that are worn on Tribes Day. Once a month, we have fun-filled team-building activities.

The purpose of our Tribes program is to help all children get to know one another better, to build trust, cooperation and empathy between students, and to create an atmosphere of social inclusiveness. This past Friday, we had our first Tribes event. The kids had a great time engaging in a team-building activity and then, led by Morah Gvira, they all enjoyed Israeli dancing along with their teachers.

By the way, this year, we have expanded Tribes program to include kindergarten and first grade. We are excited to welcome our littlest students to the fun!

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