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No Place for Hate Leadership Workshop

As SDJA continues on its path to build community, and as we incorporate ADL’s anti-bias and anti-bullying resources into our own existing programming, MUS recently extended our commitment to a school culture that values a sense of inclusion.  On October 4th, a group of 11 students (all grades 6-11 were represented) and faculty attended ADL’s “No Place for Hate Leadership workshop.”  This is an annual conference, and was attended by approximately 400 San Diego County students, educators, administrators, and community members.

Attendees listened to some inspirational speakers and then students were placed in break-out sessions and participated in ADL’s workshops.  These consisted of interactive, facilitated workshops, aimed on challenging discrimination and bullying, whilst teaching leadership skills necessary to be allies.  The afternoon session focused on students and faculty together, focusing on challenging everyone to put ideas and thoughts into action. Out of all the schools attending, both our Middle School and our High School groups of students were called on to present their ideas and action plans for how to move forward, and our students did a fantastic job articulating their points to the rest of the participants.  Since the conference, our students and faculty have sat down to reflect on the conference, and are currently planning initiatives for the school year.


Written by: Anna Falkiewicz, Assisant Head of Upper School, Dean of Students, Inclusion and Community



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