Jewish Poets Series

Tuesday night, October 16, San Diego Jewish Academy students shared their own poems aloud at the Jewish Voices–Jewish Poets series in La Jolla.  This program, now in its eleventh year, encourages and showcases local Jewish poets. Our students, along with other Jewish students in the area, wrote their own poetry and recited them into a microphone to a hushed crowd in the Astor Judaica Library of the Lawrence Family Jewish Community Center. Mrs. Goldblatt and Mrs. Hansen, accompanied by several parents, had the honor of hearing the following students share their poetry:

Bella Silberstein, grade 8

Rebecca Mannor, grade 8

Jenna Kreedman grade 8

Maital Meltzer Grade 7

Natalia Alchalel grade 8

Maya Silberstein, grade 10

Alex Amiel, grade 9

Liam Rosenberg, grade 9

Rena Novom, grade 9.


It was a pleasure to witness the bravery these students demonstrated when sharing their writing with their own voice.


Their poems may also be found in the SDJewish World publication.

Sara Hansen

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