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Experiential Education Week – Mike Quigley

During the week of October 15th though October 19th, students in grades 6-11 will be participating in Experiential Education Week. During this week MUS students will be engaged in learning outside the classroom in California, Boston, Washington DC, Nevada, Utah and Arizona.

The trips and activities your children will be engaging with include Tikun Olam projects in San Diego and Las Vegas, US history and Government learning in Washington DC, experiencing the natural wonders of Yosemite, Bryce Canyon, Zion National Park and much more.

In the upper school we always consider a very important question when we design and implement an aspect of the educational process – Why? The Why for field trips in many school over the years has been class bonding and that is a respectable goal for field trips programs. We, though, embarked on a different path in thinking about and designing our week. We moved to experiential learning as our Why. As a result, we designed opportunities for our students to learn through experience in different locations and environments.  Our goal was to provide time and space for our students to learn from these experiences, reflect and consider the possibilities for their life in school and beyond.

In our next Kolot, we will feature reflections from all the learning that will take place during MUS Experiential Education Week 2017.

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