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Scoop From The Coop This week’s edition was written by Kate Effress and Alexandra Lerner

Why didn’t the chicken cross the road? BEAKause the chicken was laying eggs for our chicken company!          

What’s going on with the chickens? That seems to be where all the attention is focused these days.  At least for us fifth graders!

The handlers are really taking good care of our chickens. They recently changed out the hay so the chickens are more comfortable and in a clean environment.  It can get pretty messy in there! Now that the chickens are happier and in a clean home once again, they’re laying more eggs than ever!

For this week’s Scoop From The Coop, we decided to interview a few of the handlers to get an inside look at what’s going on in the coop. Fifth grader Rayna said, “Now that the chickens are laying more eggs we will earn some more profit.  I want us to get the new coop and chickens, but I just want the chickens to be alright since we have the responsibility of caring for them.”

What do bad chickens lay? Deviled eggs!

How’s the fundraising going? At this point, all we’re waiting for are those jars to be filled so that we can find out the names of our beloved chickens. Remember, the jars in the main office are there so you can vote on your favorite chicken names.  The names with the most money will be chosen as the names for our chickens. This fundraising event will be ending soon so place your vote today! Our end goal is to not only expand the coop, but to save enough money to buy more chickens!

Marketing has been a slow process and major learning experience for us.  Our head of marketing, Sabrina, says “Marketing is running very smoothly so far, we have not been getting as many orders as we wanted to, but that’s mainly because we’ve only been opening it up to the fifth grade. Later we will open it up to the whole school and we’re hoping that sales will rise by then.”  

Why did the sheep cross the road? The chicken needed a day off!  

We need a day off too with all the work we’ve been doing.  The latest news in the coop is that we have decided to send customer review forms after eggs are purchased. We want to know if you like our product and how we can improve our business.

That’s all for now.  But if you are eager for an update, be on the lookout for the next Scoop From the Coop!

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