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New Life in Levana’s Garden by Giselle Wellman

Levana’s Garden is being brought back to its former glory. We are hoping to modernize it to customize a sustainable educational platform for all who want to come and explore. Our vision is to create an accessible outdoor classroom. We are welcoming Yael Zaidman and Greg Reese to our team to help and manage Levana’s Garden.

Please welcome Yael Zaidman to the garden program. Whether she is working with compost, soil microbes, worms, plants or seeds, she brings all to life. Yael has experience from small scale backyard gardens to managing the greenhouse propagation and starts for a 100 acre organic vegetable farm.

Yael is currently on the board of The San Diego Sustainable Living Institute and is developing the 18 acre permaculture farm at Terra Corazon in Valley Center with her family and friends.

Greg Reese is passionate about local organic food and sustainability. As an urban farmer, he focuses on the nutritional value and flavor of food grown in your own neighborhood. He’s been backyard gardening for years and has managed several farms in Southern California and Hawaii.

Remember to follow me @TheModernLunchLady to get updates on the garden and our food program at SDJA.

P.S. from Mrs. King: Please click here to read a fantastic story in Forbes magazine about our very own Top Chef, Giselle! Learn how she incorporates garden education and sustainability into the SDJA student experience.


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