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“Exemplary High-Achieving” National Designation for GMLS

By now, you have all heard the wonderful news that GMLS has received the prestigious, national designation as an “exemplary high performing school.” This is the highest national honor that a school can receive and we are the only Jewish school in the country and the only private school in California to earn the award this year. This award is a true testament to the caliber of the GMLS educational program and the hard work and partnership of faculty, staff, students and parents.

The changes in the academic program over the last several years have been significant. This kind of transformation can only take place in the hands of a faculty that is inspired, passionate, efficacious, open to change and committed to continuous improvement for the sake of their students.

So what’s next? GMLS will travel to Washington DC the week of November 5th to attend the ceremony and to receive the National Blue Ribbon School Award. Mr. Heller, Mrs. King and Mrs. Moses will serve as the GMLS and SDJA representatives. As a National Blue Ribbon School, GMLS is featured here on the Blue Ribbon award site. We are now considered a model school. That means that we will be asked to share about GMLS’ educational program so that others can learn from us.

To see more:

SDJA video announcement of the award and other information, click here.

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