The Golden Egg

Written by Yael Meltzer and Abbey Leibermensch

$45 for one egg? Can you believe it? Well, we were on the stage during the auction which means we both had a professional perspective on the event. It started off when the first egg was laid last week. We were all so excited about the fact that our company was finally starting! This egg marked the beginning of many eggs to come.

Last Friday, we put the first egg into an egg carton ready to show it to the community at Kabbalat Shabbat. The four sellers of the week, Yael, Gabrielle, Tony, and Danika, went to the kitchen to grab the eggs and saw that the very first egg was in its own container. We couldn’t sell just one egg so they decided to auction it off!

Next,  we went on stage and asked if there was anybody in the audience who was willing to buy the inaugural egg. A parent started the bid at $10. Everyone thought that that was super expensive because half of a dozen eggs only cost $5! Soon many hands shot up and people were yelling. They kept calling up different numbers until we finally got to $45! We were so excited and also so shocked. We could not believe it! What a great way to jumpstart our sales and our business.

After Kabbalat Shabbat, we ran out of eggs in about five minutes! Everyone got super energetic thanks to the auction so everyone wanted to buy eggs from the Eggpire. Being on the stage during the auction was pretty shocking, that was not the only point of view.

We asked our friend Nico how it felt being in the audience and experiencing the auction. ‘’I tried to get my mom to do the auction for $5 but she wouldn’t” he said.  “Once it got to twenty dollars, I was in shock! One egg for twenty dollars seemed way too weird!”

We still can’t believe how one egg could be sold for that much in that little time. We hope we will do more fun things like the auction more frequently so more and more people will buy our eggs. Who knows, maybe we can get to $50?

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