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Inspire Purpose: Traditions and the High Holidays

Our GMLS teachers are committed to considering every element in the classrooms that affect a students learning environment, from the stories that we read, to how instruction is personalized, and even to how the classroom desks are arranged. At the heart of it all, however, the greatest impact we have upon students is through the way in which we model Jewish life and learning. Children are naturally inquisitive and want to learn. They love to explore, to hear, to share, and to ask questions. When Jewish life becomes stale, our children shut off and feel that Judaism is boring. Of course, this is far from the truth. Jewish life is rich and amusing. But the inspiration must begin with us. Here at SDJA, we approach the High Holidays with passion and enthusiasm.  How can we expect joy and excitement from our children at school? We need to engage our children, take responsibility and transmit the beauty of our culture and heritage to our kids. We engage the students in different learning opportunities.  We research and learn about the different traditions. Share our stories about celebrating the High Holidays, we make art projects relevant to the holidays, we learn traditional songs and blessings, we explore and learn in the garden, and we cook traditional holiday foods.  The holidays allow us the opportunity to enjoy our time as one Kehila (community) while strengthening the little sanctuary that every classroom has the potential to become.


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