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SDJA’s GMLS New, Comprehensive K-5 Music Program

This school year ushers in the second year of our new, comprehensive K-5 music program. With the inaugural year under our belt, it is exciting to see the music program grow and flourish due to the incredible creativity and passion of our music teacher, Morah Shani Zamir. The students enjoy a music classroom filled with a variety of musical instruments, as well as the latest technology to compose and record their own music. Here is a peek at the curriculum across the grade levels:


The students are introduced to musical concepts through singing, playing instruments, moving to music, and listening.  The students are introduced to classical stories, such as “Peter and the Wolf” (Sergei Prokofiev, 1936). Throughout these stories, the students learn new vocabulary in music and discuss the sound of the orchestra.  In addition, our music program for K students includes understanding relationships between music and the other arts, as we introduce them to the seven musical notes through colors theory and group activities.

First – Third Grades:

Emphasis is placed on students obtaining musical knowledge in classical music and contemporary music, skills, and understanding as performers, composers, and consumers. In addition to music theory, reading and notating music, our 1st-3rd graders are working on a repertoire of songs, which they perform during GMLS’ special programs. Throughout the year, the students experience classes in music history, theory, recording, performing, and special sessions when they analyze and evaluate music as young performers.

Fourth – Fifth Grades:

The students experience music appreciation on a weekly basis, through music theory, music history, and introduction to music genres. The music classes are taken in our Keyboarding Lab, where the students practice in their individual music theory books.  As part of the program, we encourage our 4th-5th students to write, compose, record and perform in class, using the keyboards, guitars and drums.

Additional special music opportunities for the children this year include recording a GMLS Shabbat Songs album, a variety of public performance opportunities, writing, composing and recording original music, and the creation of a multi-age mentoring program, called “Maestro & Maestra.”

Should you have questions or if you are interested in supporting our music program with your time or talents, you may contact Morah Shani at szamir@sdja.com.

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