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Explore Possibilities: Professional Development

Students aren’t the only ones who are exploring possibilities – so are our teachers! Our teachers regularly participate in professional development designed to keep their skills sharp and to learn new strategies to improve children’s learning experiences in the classroom.

This last weekend, Shelly Moses and Dianne Shapp were invited to speak at the California Math Council annual conference. In their session, they taught other teachers from all around California how to integrate technology, manipulatives and metacognition to create engaging math lessons that reach students at all levels.

Throughout the school year and during the summer, our teachers have participated in learning about a variety of topics, including: interactive teaching, using Google in the classroom, teaching English as a second language, and Orton-Gillingham, as well as subject-specific coursework. We send teachers across the state and country for continuing education and we bring trainers to our campus. On our professional development day in January 2018, we look forward to learning more about attention deficit disorder, executive functioning and language/learning disabilities from renowned experts in the field of special education.

At SDJA, we are proud to invest in the excellence of our teachers.

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