Experiential Education

In the upper school, we believe in providing our students with multiple opportunities to learn, grow, and experience education in a safe and nurturing environment. We understand that being an upper school student is a dynamic time of growth, physically, socially and intellectually. Our EXCSEL program in the middle school and Experiential Education program in the high school was specifically designed to support our students during this time of development. EXCSEL (which stands for Experiential Education, Character Education, Social Emotional Learning), are programs that emphasizes core character virtues that will create a positive school culture and individual growth for every student. This is done through experiential education, which is a process of learning through the guided practice of doing, questioning, investigating, feeling and reflecting on different activities outside of the typical classroom setting. We accomplish our goals through excursions off campus.  service learning, team building activities, sessions with the school’s counselor, activities and discussions centered around character education.

In this newsletter, we are highlighting the first experiential education programs of the year.

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