College Application Season

As is usual at this point in the college application cycle at SDJA, the days have been full. Of meetings with individual juniors, to discuss their essays, and refine those pieces of writing. And of my, and our teachers’, own writing in support of our seniors’ applications. I have found the work to be joyful, one that provides an opportunity for heartfelt expression of deep-seated appreciation of students and achievements. There’s a personality to the attentiveness of the college counseling process at SDJA, and to the personalities that populate that process.

And now that the early application season has come to a conclusion, for the 18th time in my career at SDJA, the senior class and I look ahead to the regular decision deadlines in January–and, of course, to the colleges’ decisions about those early applications, which’ll come out mid-December. Until then: we will all practice our slow, methodical breathing, in the name of facilitating calm for ourselves and for those around us.

Steve Kahn, Dean of Academics

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