Schusterman Summit

High School Students Attend Schusterman Summit in Washington D.C.

Last week four students from the SDJA: Maya Baltinester, Ori Hammond, Hannah Moel, and Talia Gold traveled to Washington DC with Morah Esti Yeshanov to participate in the Schusterman Summit for High School Students.  SDJA Alumnus Josh Lurie met up with the group during the conference as well.

The Schusterman Summit for High School Students is an annual conference where 550 students from different high schools, synagogues and youth organizations, along with college students, gather together for Israel advocacy and political activism training. Through AIPAC’s Schusterman Advocacy Institute High School Summit, AIPAC identifies and mentors high school students committed to strengthening the U.S.-Israel relationship through the American political process and encourages them to build relationships with their representative in Congress and the Senate.

Sessions were focused on many different topics related to Israel-America relations. Some speakers told their stories about how they become advocates, and other speakers gave an update on the current political issues for which they will be lobbying.

After attending the workshop sessions, our students formed small groups and practiced their skills in how to present a topic, how to educate congressmen about different issues, and how to ask for specific votes.

Our students representing SDJA, did an amazing job! They were articulate, passionate   demonstrated a mastery of the issues.

Student reflections on their Schusterman Summit experience

My Schusterman Summit for high school students (Aipac) experience was by far one of the best experiences I’ve ever had throughout my life as a high school student. Being at the High School Summit gave me a better and bigger realization of what Israel truly means to me, and what  ideas I can share about it. I met new people from around the nation which I hope to stay in contact with. 

Many of my friends asked me why I decided to go to AIPAC, and I told them it was because I wanted to learn and to make an impact. When I first got to the AIPAC Summit, I was amazed by the amount of people/students at the “mini-conference”, and how everything was organized! Then the speeches started. I was amazed to see the passion and love people had for Israel, and I am so grateful for the large amount of information I learned throughout the High School Summit. Politics were never on my radar until I came to AIPAC. So many great things I learned that I will never forget, so many friends I made that I will keep in touch with, and my love for Israel will keep growing. – Ori Hammond

Going to (Aipac) Schusterman high school summit was an experience I will never forget. I met the most amazing people, learned things that did not only help me when I lobbied, but also life skills that I will carry on with me for the rest of my life.  – Maya Baltinester

Morah Esti Yeshanov

Hebrew Teacher

SDJA Israel Club Advisor.

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